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Urban Refuse Development (URD) is an international company providing worldwide engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning solutions for waste conveyance and environmental solutions.

URD bases its business model on the development of pneumatic waste collection engineering projects, which guarantee a more efficient and sustainable urban development and help to improve the quality of life of the citizens and the environment.

The company's goal is to implement pneumatic waste collection technology systems anywhere in the world, as well as its operation and maintenance, either for public and private institutions, such as: airports, shopping centres, hospitals, buildings, areas residential, among others.

URD offers a complete solution of engineering, construction, commissioning and operation of its facilities. Having its own technology, fully tested after more than 15 years of experience with completely satisfactory results.

Since the creation of the company, more than 20 facilities have been developed in different sectors. In the beginning under Ros Roca brand, since 2014 under URD brand. The systems installed have an average service capacity of 20 tons per plant.

URD has a worldwide presence with local representatives in more than 10 countries, with an international continuous expansion strategy. The portfolio projects include references in cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Pamplona, Vitoria or Portugalete, the clients portfolio have references like AENA Airports Authority, hospitals and big real estate developers.

URD is one of the most important companies in the sector, with more than 100 kilometres of pipeline and over 1.000 inlets installed. In addition, multiple project studies have been done in several countries.


URD builds pneumatic waste collection systems for public and private institutions, reducing the impact of waste management and simplifying the process to municipalities, waste managers and users. URD systems are environmentally friendly, promoting recycling strategies and minimizing the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere.


Pneumatic collection will become the reference model in high density areas, big or small, in both public and private areas, due to its concept, modernity, quality of service, ecology and energy efficiency, According to the new standards of the cities.

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 ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

 ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System

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