Simplifies the internal operations
Waste Management is usually never considered at the early stage of the projects because its collection process doesn’t require any special design further than a storage room. Therefore, the collection can barely be optimized due to the interactions with other daily activities, and vice versa. It becomes a problem for the internal operation and security when the garbage and the cleaning staff has to go through security checks, scanners, etc. Waste generated during the trips can be directly conveyed to the collection plant from the vehicle.

Less traffic
Due to the conveyance of waste through the pipe network up to the central collection plant, from the terminals and from the vehicles (airplanes) the number of heavy and light vehicles driving along is reduced to 0.

Increased security
The consequences of a potential terrorist attack will be reduced, the threat will be conveyed to an isolated area, where the plant is working automatically, far from the users and terrorists.

No pests, odours or leaks
The system is sealed and conveys the waste before it has enough time to ferment or rot. No odours or liquids can emanate from the inlets, and the source of pests and insalubrity simply doesn’t exist.

No brimming inlets
Due to the continuous reading sensors installed in the chutes, the quantity of waste stored will never reach the level of the opening door, avoiding any chance of overflowing garbage.

Common areas less congested
Corridors and elevators are less crowded because the staff don’t have to walk such long distances to dispose the garbage. High demand hours to transport waste coincides with the busier hours of the complex, enlarging a conflict that disappears by using AWCS.

Reduce the operational costs
Test results has proved savings on the operation between 50 and 30% of the conventional system.

Space savings: new areas available for lucrative or other activities
As per the reduced size of the installation, many m2 are released to be used for other purposes, eventually lucrative.

Increase the brand value and reputation of the city
As per AWCS is an environmental-friendly solution and aligned with the Smart Buildings and Circular Economy concepts, those organizations implementing the pneumatic solution will have a strong input to add these leitmotivs into their NDA and increase the value and reputation of their brands.

Strikes barely affect
As per AWCS is fully automated, it has been designed to work without human help. The plant will be in operating until it gets full, when a truck will have to collect the garbage.

Improves the good looking of the spaces
Due to the lack of conventional containers and overflowing waste, areas look tidier, more clean and diaphanous.

Full time operation, 24/7
The plant is automatic and can work unattended, all day and night, and especially during the high-demanding hours.

Quantify and display the ecological footprint reduction
URD Smart software generates big amounts of data which can be shown live to the users and visitors, allowing to display in many ways the results of their efforts and the organization’s to help the planet and the environment.

Improve the recycling rates, maximize the savings
Recycling rates increase and the final cost of the waste management decreases.

Reduced power consumption
Thanks to the Smart Software, it will learn by itself the habits of the users and will programme the collection timings according to their behaviour and the price of the power.

Safety for operators and workers
There is no more interaction with waste after putting it in the inlet. After this, the operators have only to detach the sealed container from the system, which doesn’t entail contact with waste.

Safety for users
Inlets have been designed to prevent accidents, keeping the safety of the users as the centre of its design.

No extra-personnel needed
A compact plant is designed to work fully automatic and requires very few operation and maintenance works, handled by the same maintenance personnel dealing with the rest of infrastructures.

Same area required than conventional system
The Surface required to install a portable AWCS Plant is the same than the typical compactor plus container needs.

Profitability in the short-medium term
There is an initial investment with a quick payback due to the savings in operation, the appreciation of the property and the new income generated by the exploitation of the new available areas.


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