Safety for users
Inlets have been designed to prevent accidents to the users, keeping their safety as the center of its conception process.

Safety for citizens
The lack of heavy-duty waste-collection vehicles is a major improvement in road safety and the lifestyle of Citizens.

Easy access and adapted system
Users with any type of physical limitation can use the system normally without other’s help. Inlets can be opened easily, heights are adapted and inlets have icons with relief for blind users.

Safety for operators and workers
There is no interaction with the waste after being disposed in the system by the users.

Less congested traffic
To transport the waste through a pipeline network to the collection terminal, reduces trucks traffic by 90%, reducing jams due to their stops while the emptying process of containers, among other advantages.

Noise reduction and more comfort
Noise of the trucks disappears at the influence area of the system.

More building surface area
Some local regulations allow to those buildings connected to a pneumatic collection facility will not need any space reserve for the storage of Waste. Consequently, real estate developments implementing pneumatic waste collection systems will have more building surface for dwellings.

No pests, no smells, no leached
Pneumatic collection systems transports waste in an hermetic and safe way, avoiding odors, leached and pests. 
Improving image of the disposal points
Pneumatic collection systems transports waste in an hermetic and safe way, avoiding odors, leached and pests.  
Improving image of the disposal points
Inlets have continuous reading sensors installed, ensuring that the waste stored will never overflows.
The interior of the inlets is not accessible for the users, keeping them safe. Animals and people stirring up the waste neither have access

Better recycling rates
Pneumatic waste collection system provides information to the users about how to dispose waste in it, increasing the percentage of recycled materials and reducing the total management cost.

Less energy consumption
Due to the patented smart software, URD system will learn the habits of the users and will schedule the collection times taking in consideration the price of the electric energy.
Quantifies and allows to visualize the reduction of the eco-footprint
URD's smart software generates large amounts of information. It can be used for optimization of the system, check the collection ratios, energy consumption, among others. These parameters are used to reduce the eco-footprint of the system, for the benefit of the Environment.

Always operational
Pneumatic waste collection plants are automatic and can work without supervision every day, every time.
Improves the general looking of the areas.

Improves the general looking of the areas
Bulky conventional containers are replaced by small and elegant inlets. This change of furniture creates more diaphanous, clean and tidy areas.

Modernizing old towns
Old towns at the center of the cities were not designed for the actual waste collection trucks and containers. Narrow streets cannot host containers in the streets or allow the circulation of vehicles. Garbage has to be collected by manually or with light vehicles. Collection process becomes very expensive and inefficient. Pneumatic waste collection reverts this situation.

User Control
By installing RFID or NFC identification at the inlets, the system is able to record the users, allowing payment strategies according to the quantity and type of waste generated.

HORIZON2020 European Programme
Pneumatic waste collection technology helps to achieve the goals set by the EU programme, especially in the Recycling field.

Value of urban area is increased
Areas with a pneumatic waste collection system implemented are more comfortable, enjoyable, safe and healthy. Consequently, they become more attractive places to live in, increasing the demand from the users and its price. Pneumatic collection is an environmentally-friendly solution aligned with the concepts "intelligent building" and “Circular economy”. Urban areas implementing  pneumatic waste collection systems have a great reason to increase its value and reputation.

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