Simplifies internal logistics
Usually, during the conception phase, waste management is barely planned. Conventional waste management does not require any special design beyond the temporary storage room. Once the hospital is in operation, waste collection is difficult to optimize due to the lack of planification. Pneumatic waste collection keeps this process on a side.

Space Savings: new areas available for lucrative activities 
According with the standard building regulations of many countries, properties with pneumatic waste collection systems are exempt from having a minimum mandatory area for waste storage at each floor. However, inlets don’t need a specific room and can be installed in a corridor or a pneumatic waste collection facility releases the area and those m2 can be used for commercial or lucrative purposes.

Increases customer loyalty
Satisfied customers will repeat good experiences. They pretend to find what you are looking for. If their experience exceeds their expectations, they will repeat.

Quantifies and allows to visualize the reduction of the eco-footprint
URD's smart software generates large amounts of information. It can be used for optimization of the system, check the collection ratios, energy consumption, among others. These parameters are used to reduce the eco-footprint of the system, for the benefit of the Environment.

Improved recycling rates, maximizing savings
Every new system requires a learning process, the training of users is not only focused in safety of the users but also on the correct way to dispose of waste, increasing recycling rates and reducing the total cost of waste management.

Reducing operating costs
The results show the savings in waste management between 30 and 40%, compared to the conventional systems.

Less energy consumption
Due to the patented smart software, URD system will learn the habits of the users and will schedule the collection times taking in consideration the price of the electric energy.

User Control
By installing RFID or NFC identification at the inlets, the system is able to record the users, allowing payment strategies according to the quantity and type of waste generated.

Always operational
Pneumatic waste collection plants are automatic and can work without supervision every day, every time.

Less congested common areas
Corridors and lifts are clear, especially relevant during high demand hours.

No pests, no smells, no leached
Pneumatic collection systems transports waste in an hermetic and safe way, avoiding odors, leached and pests. 

No more overflowing bins
Due to the continuous reading sensors installed inside the inlets, the amount of stored waste can’t reach the level  of the opening door, avoiding any possibility of waste overflow. During maintenance, inlets can be locked remotely.

Safety for users
Inlets have been designed to prevent accidents to the users, keeping their safety as the center of its conception process.

Safety for operators and workers
There is no interaction with the waste after being disposed in the system by the users.

No additional personnel required for maintenance and operation
Pneumatic waste collection plants require very few operation and maintenance work, between 1 and 3 workers part-time, depending on the size of the system. Compact systems can be operated with the maintenance staff of the building.

The terminal does not need additional space to be installed
For small systems, area required to install a pneumatic waste collection plant is the same than the required by a conventional compactor container.

Increases the brand value
Pneumatic collection is an environmentally-friendly solution aligned with the concepts "intelligent building" and “Circular economy”. Those organizations implementing pneumatic waste collection solutions have a great reason to add these concepts in their corporate dna, increasing the value and reputation of their brand.

Increases the value of the property
Properties where pneumatic waste collection systems are installed increase their market value and become a more attractive investment.
They are more enjoyable, comfortable, spacious, safe and healthy, and reduce their waste management Costs.

Return of investment
Due to the savings in costs of operation, improvement of recycling and less container transports, pneumatic waste collection generates a very attractive return of Investment.

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