Urban Pneumatic Waste Collection System

URD Urban plants are the solution of URD for the automatic collection of waste in areas with productions with an average production of 20 tons/day, allowing to implement the latest innovations in Pay-as-you-throw Systems.
Offering many advantages compared to conventional truck pickup systems, pneumatic waste collection systems are the evolution of waste collection, updating the method to 21st century standards, which should not be the manual collection .
The system can simultaneously collect as many fractions as necessary.

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URD's Pneumatic collection technology offers to the citizens a Modern and efficient waste collection system. Improves the urban image, optimizes the selective collection at source, decreases the cost per ton collected compared to conventional systems and offers a smart service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the actual demographic situation, where cities are growing quickly to the detriment of rural areas, they are becoming overpopulated. Public services, mobility and waste management are becoming a bigger and unavoidable challenge. Pneumatic collection is presented as the main alternative for waste collection, becoming the Reference System of any city valuing the quality of life of their citizens. It differs from conventional collection in many aspects, making it an alternative option for those municipalities that want to eliminate the typical disadvantages of the current Systems. The system can be installed in old town areas, new development areas, developed areas, hospitals, airports, markets, stadiums, among other areas.

For Users:

· Service always available: 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
· Inlets user friendly: safe, ergonomic and accessible.
· Easy access for users with physical limitations.
· Improvement of public hygiene conditions.

For Urban Image:

· Inlets with a robust design and integrated in the urban area, which can be customized and anti-vandalism.
· The central collection can be totally or partially underground, with the possibility of being integrated in green areas such as parks.
· Those areas currently occupied by conventional containers are cleared and waste collection trucks are taken out from the streets, improving traffic, safety, emissions and noise.
· Improves the image of cities, makes streets tidier and bad smell / leached disappears

For the Environment:

· It allows to carry out the selective collection in origin, waste can be separated and disposed in different fractions.
· Clean and environmentally friendly odour treatment with the completely natural system: Biofilter.
· Image of a responsible society, concerned about the Environment.
· Waste collection trucks are taken out of the city, noise disappears and air pollution due to CO2 emissions is drastically reduced.

For the Economy:

· Reduction of waste collection Operational Costs.
· Reduced number of personnel needed for operation.
· Savings in Urban cleaning costs.
· Flexible payback.


· Fully automated Control and a Smart monitoring system.
· Suitable for installing both in new development and already developed urban areas, especially suitable for those with difficulties for the access of vehicles: with narrow streets, big slopes, pedestrian areas, etc.
· Provides security in unique buildings and private Areas.

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